Full Head of Hair within an Hour??

An Braidless Weave is a technique used to make sewn tracks less visible than your ordinary braided sew-in weaves. This method allows the hair to breathe, and is much easier to shampoo and scratch, without using sharp objects that can injure the scalp.

Braidless Weaves grow out in a downward direction, which allows your weave to continue to look natural, while your real hair is growing. With a Braidless Weave, your hair can be pulled in an up-do or ponytail without seeing tracks, the weft lays completely flat to the scalp. This method lasts 8-12 weeks depending on aftercare and maintenance followed and can applied within a hour! It is a quick, secure method that with give you full locks! We use HairRehab London 20" 150grams Weft to give you that extra thickness. Check out our facebook & Instagram pages! Why not call us and book in for your free consultation!

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