Thinking about hair extensions?

Here are some common questions for anybody who is new to hair extensions.

* I dye my hair regularly, can i still do that with extensions in?

With over 75% of women colouring their hair in one way or another, it is no surprise that the ability to colour your hair whilst wearing extensions is a concern to most. Fortunately for those of us who regularly dye our hair, this is still possible once the extensions have been fitted, so there will be no need to worry about those roots or greys creeping their way through and ruining your beautiful new locks. There are of course differences in how to approach hair dye and colour when dealing with hair extensions.

*What length shall i choose?

If you are new to hair extensions, you may be a little unsure as to what length to for, and with 4 different lengths to choose from, it can be a very difficult decision.

Before jumping in and selecting a length at random or based on price, it is first worth considering a few points to be sure you are making the right choice. Your own height will play a big factor in your decision about the length of your hair extensions. When selecting a length what many individuals forget is how your height will impact the overall look of your hair extensions. Another factor to consider is you’re after fitting styling. Once fitted you may only wish to have a small amount trimmed from the bottom to tidy up and finish of your look, however if you are considering removing slightly more, or opting for a layered and tapered look, going for a slightly longer length than your finished look may be a better option. For example if you are looking for long and thick extensions with a little styling e.g. layering etc, you may benefit from 20” hair extensions with it in mind to trim them to 18” to achieve your finished look. When your hair extensions arrive and are first fitted, they will be beautiful and straight, however if you prefer to wear your hair with a curl or a wave, this will reduce the appearance of the length as the extensions bounce up to accommodate the wave. If you plan on wearing your hair like this regularly, and like the look of 20” hair extensions, you may wish to consider opting for 22” to ensure that when you apply the curl your hair extensions still have the appearance of 20” length.

*Will extensions fit in to my life style?

Before having hair extensions fitted an important question you should ask yourself before going ahead is whether or not hair extensions will fit in with your lifestyle, and what you should expect from your hair extensions depending on your general daily activities.

This may come as a surprise to some considering hair extensions, but not all lifestyles will be compatible with hair extensions, therefore it is important that you consider all factors before going ahead to ensure it is the right choice for you.

There are many different lifestyle choices that can have an impact on hair extensions, and unfortunately we are not able to list them all, however we will outline some of the most common aspects that can impact on how long your extensions will last, daily care etc.

*My hair damaged, can i still have hair extensions?

Often, if you are looking to have hair extensions fitted you are doing so for one of two reasons. The first is that you like the look and appearance of hair extensions, and the second is that you feel that you need hair extensions.

If you feel you need hair extensions, it is mostly likely because you are unhappy with your natural hair, either because it is naturally fine, you have had a haircut you don’t like, your hair gets to a certain length and then wont grown any longer or your hair is damaged.

If you fall into any of the first 3 categories, then given that your hair is in a healthy condition hair extensions should be an option for you. If however you have extremely damaged hair, you need to be sure that your hair is suitable for hair extensions by discussing this with a us before going ahead with a fitting.

*What is Remy Hair?

Remy is a term that is often used in the hair extension industry, and to those who are new to the world of hair extensions it is just one of many terms that can be confusing to understand. Whether or not hair extensions are “remy” will have a huge affect on the quality and the longevity of the hair, which is why it is so important to understand the difference between remy and non remy products. Here we shall look at what it means for hair extensions to be classed as “remy”, what to look out for, and why it is so important for the quality of the hair. The term remy refers to human hair that has been collected from a human hair donor, and has undergone minimal processing to ensure that the hair is soft, silky and tangle free. What makes remy hair unique from hair extensions simply classed as “human hair”, is that to ensure that the hair remains tangle free all of the cuticles have been aligned, ensuring that they are all facing in the same direction, as they would if they had grown naturally from your scalp.

Hope some of this info helps to have a better understanding of hair extensions.

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