Let's talk hair extension's!

When looking for a hair extension supplier i sample the hair first in my own hair so i can put the hair through it's pace's by washing, blowdrying, colouring, straightening and general wear of the extensions for 3 months to see if this hair holds its quality. As i myself have worn hair extensions for over 10 years and i strongly believe that if the hair extensions is not good enough quality for me then its not good enough for my clients. Lots of websites sale hair extensions claiming it to be 100% remy hair which most the time it is not! Good quality hair has its price! Be careful with offers that seem to be very cheap, as it probably is not quality hair, but chemically treated or cuticle stripped hair, which means after a couple of washes you will have a problem brushing it and it will tangle up.

All the hair extensions i fit are double drawn, thick from root to tip and have a long life span. As a result, our hair is regularly commented on as being extremely soft and excellent quality.

My supplier ensure's the hair retains its high quality and superior standard, all of the hair extensions are processed slowly. This ensures the cuticle remains intact the entire way through the colouring process.

I pride myself on the ability to offer beautiful, silky soft human hair extensions that all my clients love and can ensure a consistently high standard at all times.

All our stylists at beautique lounge are highly experienced hairdressers & hair extension tecnicians that are fully qualifed and insured.

I myself have been hairdressing since 2004 and been qualifed in hair extension application since 2005. Over the years of hairdressing working in chain reptuable salons i have gained alot of experience in the beauty of hair and the art of hair extension application, i use the knowledge i have from hairdressing to perfectly colour match your natural hair colour to extensions and cut & blend the extensions with my hair cutting exoerience.

When choosing to have hair extensions i can not stress enough how important it is to choose a hair extension technician who has alot of years experience and who is also a qualifed hairdresser. I have had so many clients come into the salon with hair extensions fitted by un experienced technicians that have been on a 1 day course and ruin there hair leaving them with bold patches, hair loss, permenant damage and in general bad hair. I have seen clients with keratin bonds super glued into there hair!!! I know you say "super glue" but yes this was so shocking! Clients who come in with thick natural hair and a few strands of hair extensions hanging looking awful and in need of help! I do find this very frustrating for my poor clients that have spent alot of money to have there hair damaged.

Be rest assured that at Beautique Lounge you are not just paying for a full head of hair extensions you also get our years of experience in the art of hair extensions.

I hope all the info i have provided makes you think about who you should choose to have your hair extensions fitted by.

We do offer all our clients a free no obligation consultation where we can discuss your requirements, the methods we do and to which is suitable for your natural hair type, show you samples of the hair we use, colour match and give you the opportunity to ask any questions!

Below is some pictures that is not my work but examples of bad hair extensions! For pictures of my work please check out my before & after pics and on our facebook page!

Natalie x

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