Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions are 90% smaller than a micro ring making them virtually undectable in your natural hair and are perfect for finer hair or if you tie your hair back alot. We only use 100% high quality human hair that is sourced from our trusted supplier we have used for several years. This hair wont go dry or matted after a few washes, it will last for 3-4 months with the correct aftercare and maintenance followed and then can be re used if wished. Nano ring hair extensions last 3-4 months inbetween every 4-6 weeks for a maintenance to keep your hair extensions and natural hair at its best.

Nano ring hair extensions are very popular and come in all different lengths and colours. We can give any desired look you require from natural colours, bright colours, highlights or balayage effect like in this pic, the choice is endless.

We pride ourselves in the art of hair extension application and have won competitions in doing so.

Our hair extension technicians are 12 year experienced in the application of hair extensions making them very experienced in different methods and hair types. We will give you that natural or full glam look you dream of.

Before any fitting we invite you to our for a consultation where we can discuss your requirements, the methods we do and to which is suitable for your natural hair type, show you samples of hair, colour match and give you a full quote. If you did decide to go ahead with an appointment for a fitting we do take a deposit of £100 to secure your appointment.

On arrival of your fitting appointment we will show you the hair that has been ordered for you. This is just to be sure you are happy with the color, the texture and the length. We take 2-3 hours to apply the extensions for you so it is important that before they are fitted you can confirm you are happy with them to avoid wanting them removed afterwards.

If you are happy with them you are ready to go! So you should sit back, relax and enjoy the coming of the new you with luscious locks!

Call us to book your free consultation now!

All the pictures we use are all of our own talented hair extension technicians work.

The pic above is a beautiful sunkissed balayage full head 20" nano ring hair extensions.

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