Micro Ring

Using no heat or glue, micro ring's are simply threaded through your hair with a ring and clamped closed.  These extensions last 3-4 month's. Suitable for normal to thick hair type.

Nano Ring

90% Smaller than a micro ring making them undetectable in your natural hair and ideal for fine hair type.

These extension's last 3-6 month's.

Tape In

This method is great for fine hair as the small sections of tapes lay completely flat making them less visible in the natural hair and hair can be worn up.

Suitable for fine to thick hair type's and last 3-6 months.

L..A Weave

Los Angeles Weave, this method is done by forming a row with micro ring beads then the weft of hair is sewn through to the micro ring. This method lay's flatter in your natural hair than a sewn in weave and is suitable for most hair type's.

Last's 6-12 week's.